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MAICO keeps professionals up to speed!

Tradesmen always want to be fully up-to-date so they can be perfectly prepared for any situation when advising a customer – this is important given that more and more individuals look up potential ventilation solutions online before contacting a tradesman and therefore expect you to provide precise information.
When advising customers, questions requiring the latest knowledge can quickly arise. We are happy to provide information about all important news and latest product highlights and have answers to questions asked by typical end users.
If you need information about our technologies, new trends or future legislation, please feel free to contact us in person at any time: Contact. 

MAICO won't leave you unprepared – MAICO is a partner to the trade.

We also regularly provide information about highlights from our product range under "News".


Professionals need everything at a glance.

MAICO quickly and easily ensures clarity at all times when selecting from the more than 1,600 products available – everything from high-performance axial wall fans to central ventilation units.

You can add the products you want to your "list" instantly from the product page or using the quick "Search" link on the left of the screen.

Use the quick "List" link on the left edge of the screen to open your list and see the products you have selected. Here you can download tender texts for the selected products, start a request with your wholesaler or compare products.

If you have any questions about our extensive product range, you can of course contact us directly: Contact.


Professionals need solutions fit for the future.

The world is complicated enough – so MAICO makes the future more certain: air@home from MAICO is a modern way of accessing and adjusting ventilation systems remotely. The free web tool gives you, the tradesman, smart access to one or more ventilation units via your smartphone, tablet or PC – conveniently, from any location. The web tool is designed with you in mind (for adjusting ventilation). Using the associated app, end users can control their systems and operate them when out and about.
As another benefit, you can continue to access the systems later on using remote service and offer your customers flexible support with updates or problems – without having to waste time getting to them. A benefit that your customers will appreciate too …

air@home is suited to the following MAICO units:

Easy and secure: registration for the air@home web tool

The controlled domestic ventilation units can be created in the web tool before they are installed. For general safety, the systems created are, as a rule, initially blocked for access via the app/web tool – therefore, the owners first have to contact MAICO to have their systems enabled. Once enabled, the owners are informed of the units assigned to them.

Note: Only one owner can be registered with MAICO for each ventilation unit. Once a ventilation unit is assigned to an owner, the owner is responsible for user management; i.e.: if a user is not actively created, he or she cannot access the controlled domestic ventilation unit via the app or web tool.

Advantages for tradesmen

  • Simple and flexible unit setting with the web tool.
  • Remote service option.


Professionals are already thinking about the future.

MAICO delivers long-term solutions for fresh air: so ecology, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are the best way of describing the environmental awareness that the fan specialist MAICO practises under the motto of "Blue Performance". MAICO is thereby ensuring that you, as a tradesman, can offer your customers environmentally-sound products, take a responsible approach to resource use and continually reduce energy consumption.
Blue Performance is MAICO's focus on innovative, environmentally-responsible ventilation technology, designed for very economical operation yet one which therefore offers full performance. The three central characteristics are:

  • low energy consumption
  • high heat recovery level
  • precise adaptation to needs

Thanks to the environmental awareness practised by MAICO, the family-run business ensures that new units meet future standards – for example, the EU Directive ErP.

Current example:

The new centralised ventilation units with heat recovery WS 320 and WS 470 are extremely efficient. By using our units, customers not only save energy but also noticeably take the strain off their wallets too.

More information about the ultra-modern ventilation units with heat recovery can be found here.


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