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New product "Ventilation systems with heat recovery in accordance with DIN 1946-6"

PPB 30 single-room ventilation unit


  • Decentralised, balanced supply and exhaust air unit with heat recovery for bathroom, WC and kitchen
  • PPB 30 can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a decentralised ventilation unit in combination with PP 45.   
  • Available in the object device and comfort device variants (with integrated humidity sensor) 
  • Patented bi-concentric air distributor for separating the two air ways in the “duct in duct” system 
  • IP X4 degree of protection
  • Highly-efficient fans ensure the quietest ventilation in this device class
  • Innovative design, together with regenerative heat storage tank, impresses with up to 80 % heat recovery
  • Energy-saving EC motors ensure the best electric efficiency
  • Shell sleeve and controller identical to PP 45
  • Neither a duct system nor any system adjustments are necessary
  • External covers are available in three different models
  • With one or more compensating frames, it is also possible to install the PPB 30 in thin walls.

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New product "Air@home", now also available for Android operating systems!


  • Provides the user smart access to one or more controlled domestic ventilation units
  • The web tool can be used to operate and set the ventilation unit with a PC, smartphone or tablet. 
  • Residents can flexibly monitor and control the unit
  • Depiction of the current air quality
  • Documentation as proof of correct ventilation
  • The MAICO app air@home can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or in Apple App Store
New product "Small room fans"

Cellar dehumidification AKE 150


  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Simple installation
  • Quiet operation (sound pressure level 32 dB(A) / distance 3 m, free field conditions)
  • High air volume of 92 m³/h
  • Low nominal power of 8 W
  • Intelligent integrated humidity control
  • Due to an extensive range of accessories, the right solution for every installation scenario
  • Suitable for cellar rooms, utility rooms, drying rooms, laundry rooms and other similar rooms

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New product "Radial, semi-radial and diagonal duct fans"

HDR diagonal fan

Available on request!

  • Suitable for production plants, warehouses, day rooms, showrooms and workshops
  • Highly efficient duct fan, made from high-quality plastic, including integrated mounting console
  • Three programmable speed levels   
  • For direct installation between ducts
  • Easy inspection and maintenance by simply opening the clamp and removing the fan 
  • Easy to clean and operate

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New product "Individual and central ventilation systems in accordance with DIN 18017-3"

ER EC single air extraction system


  • The single air extraction systems from the new ER EC product range are the perfect choice for multi-storey residential properties, offices and hotel complexes
  • They reliably transport used and damp air out of bathrooms and WCs
  • The unit can be assembled without any tools using snap-fit fasteners and electrical plug connectors 
  • The ER-EC models run at 30 m³/h in base load operation   
  • New housing with patented, convertible exhaust sockets and mounting grooves 
  • Flow-technology-optimised fan  
  • For operation that is both low-loss and quiet  
  • The fans are extremely smooth-running and quiet
  • The robust EC motor, with enclosed ball bearings on both sides, needs very little energy and has thermal overload protection

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New product "Ventilation systems with heat recovery in accordance with DIN 1946-6"

Single-room air extraction unit with PushPull 45 heat recovery


  • Decentralised supply and exhaust air unit with heat recovery.
  • Degree of heat provision up to 83.5 % with a reference volumetric flow according to EN 13141-8
  • 3 operating modes are possible (heat recovery, cross-ventilation, sensor-dependent operation)
  • Sensor-dependent operation can be achieved with humidity sensors, CO2 sensors and VOC sensors
  • Energy efficiency class A+ thanks to low power consumption on the part of the EC motor
  • Electric and manual shutter
  • Different operating modes are possible: Intermittent ventilation, sleep mode, safety switch-off and supply air function for exhaust air units
  • The PushPull devices are also available as radio frequency units (PP 45 RC) with a radio switch (DS 45 RC)
  • Thereby, radio-controlled and wired units can be combined in a unique way
  • Individual operation (not in pairs / 3 to 5 units are possible)
  • Level 0 can be switched off if desired
  • Clearly-structured commissioning software with profile saving ensures simple installation 
  • Very quiet ventilation operation, so particularly well-suited to living rooms and bedrooms
  • Optimum room climate thanks to intermittent supply air and exhaust air operation
  • The system requires no adjustment
  • Alternative to central ventilation units; no ventilation duct system is required
  • Elegant and attractive design

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New products "Accessories"
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