Room air controls

Controller for room air systems, with and without heat recovery

Room air controls IM0017534.PNG Controller for room air systems, with and without heat recovery

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Product type Room air control Room air control Room air control Room air control Room air control Room air control
Article number: 0157.0809 0157.0828 0157.0835 0157.0806 0157.0831 0157.0411
Type of voltageAlternating currentAlternating currentAlternating currentAlternating currentAlternating currentAlternating current
Rated voltage12 V24 V230 V230 V230 Vnot specified
MaterialSynthetic materialSynthetic materialSynthetic materialSynthetic materialSynthetic materialSynthetic material
Synthetic material definitionPVC-free polystyrenePVC-free polystyrenePVC-free polystyrenePVC-free polystyrenePVC-free polystyrenePVC-free polystyrene
Weight0,1 kg0,2 kg0,3 kg0,3 kg0,2 kg0,1 kg
Width80 mm145 mm127 mm150 mm150 mm82 mm
Height80 mm98 mm93 mm90 mm80 mm82 mm
Depth35 mm31 mm50 mm36 mm32 mm18 mm
Packing unit1 piece1 piece1 piece1 piece1 piece1 piece
GTIN (EAN)401279957809340127995782844012799578352401279957806240127995783144012799574118
Degree of protectionnot specifiedIP 20not specifiedIP 20IP 30not specified
Type of installationnot specifiedSurface-mountedSurface-mountedSurface-mountedRecessed-mountedSurface-mounted
Installation positionnot specifiedhorizontalnot specifiedhorizontalvertical / horizontalnot specified
Colournot specifiedPure white, similar to RAL 9010not specifiedPure white, similar to RAL 9010not specifiedWhite, similar to RAL 9010
Maximum load (inductive load)not specifiednot specifiednot specified3 Anot specifiednot specified
Maximum loadnot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specified10 Anot specified
Batterynot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specifiedType 3 V CR 2025
Mains cablenot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot required

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