Controlled domestic ventilation systems with heat recovery

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Article WR 300 WR 400
Produktdetails Produktdetails
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Product type Centralised ventilation unit Centralised ventilation unit
Article number: 0095.0078 0095.0079
Number of ventilation levels 4 4
Air flow volume 80 m³/h - 300 m³/h 100 m³/h - 400 m³/h
Volumetric flow constant yes yes
Speed controllable - -
Type of voltage Alternating current Alternating current
Rated voltage 230 V 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption 27 W - 125 W / At 100 Pa counter pressure 37 W - 236 W / At 100 Pa counter pressure
Imax 2 A 2,5 A
Degree of protection IP 00 IP 00
DIBT approval yes yes
PHI certification yes yes
Installation site Cellar / Storage tank / Jamb wall / Utility room / Heating room Cellar / Storage tank / Jamb wall / Utility room / Heating room
System type Centralised Centralised
Housing material Sheet steel, powder coated Sheet steel, powder coated
Heat exchanger material Aluminium Aluminium
Inner coating material Synthetic material Synthetic material
Colour pearl light grey pearl light grey
Weight 46,5 kg 46,5 kg
Filter class G4 / F7 G4 / F7
Connection diameter 160 mm 160 mm
Connection diameter of condensation drain 3/4" hose connection 3/4" hose connection
Width 786 mm 786 mm
Height 825 mm 825 mm
Depth 500 mm 500 mm
Degree of heat provision 90 % 90 %
Heat exchanger construction type Cross-counterflow Cross-counterflow
Bypass External External
Frost protection External External
Enthalpy heat exchanger No No
Antifreeze circuit yes yes
Summer circuit Exhaust air with RLS D1 WR Exhaust air with RLS D1 WR
Filter monitoring with time control with time control
Humidity control optional with HY 5, HY 5 I, HY 10 AP, HY 10 UP optional with HY 5, HY 5 I, HY 10 AP, HY 10 UP
CO2-control (optional) SKD SKD
Air quality control (optional) EAQ 10/2 EAQ 10/2
KNX connection (optional) to be supplied by the customer to be supplied by the customer
MODBUS interface No No
Control unit included in scope of delivery. RLS 1 WR RLS 1 WR
Control unit (optional) RLS D1 WR RLS D1 WR
Wireless switch on/off (optional) XE 1, XS 1 XE 1, XS 1
EnOcean wireless integration (optional) No No
Mobile control No No
Housing emission sound pressure level 41 dB(A) / 43 dB(A) / 45 dB(A) / Spacing 1m, sound absorption 10 m² 44 dB(A) / 45 dB(A) / 49 dB(A) / Spacing 1m, sound absorption 10 m²
Approval number Z-51.3-216 Z-51.3-218
Packing unit 1 piece 1 piece
Range K K
GTIN (EAN) 4012799950783 4012799950790

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