Axial window fan

EVN 22 R

Article number: 0080.0857
Manufacturer: MAICO
Axial window fan for air extraction with electric shutter
Application examples: Restaurant, Showroom, Building container, Lecture room, Nursery school
EVN 22 R IM0009899.PNG Axial window fan for air extraction with electric shutter

Characteristic curve

EVN 22 R - Characteristic curve

  • EVN 22 R IM0002087.PNG Axial window fan for air extraction with electric shutter
  1. Air extraction
  2. Ventilation

Dimensioned drawing

EVN 22 R - Dimensioned drawing [mm]

  • EVN 22 R IM0006467.PNG Axial window fan for air extraction with electric shutter
  1. Inside
  2. Window
  3. Window cut-out: Minimum diameter is 257 mm, maximum diameter is 262 mm
  4. 30 mm more with open lamella
  5. Pull-cord only for EVN 22 P

Technical data

EVN 22 R - Technical data

Article EVN 22 R
Air flow volume 640 m³/h
Rotating speed 1.280 1/min
Impeller type axial
Air direction Ventilation or air extraction
Reversing capacity
Type of voltage Alternating current
Rated voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Nominal output 49 W
Imax 0,23 A
Degree of protection IP 24
Mains cable 4 x 1,5 mm²
Installation site Window / Wall
Type of installation Surface-mounted
Material Synthetic material
Colour Traffic white, similar to RAL 9016
Weight 4,2 kg
Type of shutter Airstream-operated opening/closing
Nominal size 225 mm
Width 335 mm
Height 335 mm
Depth 192 mm
Airstream temperature at IMax 40 °C
Sound pressure level 50 dB(A)
Packing unit 1 piece
Range C
GTIN (EAN) 4012799808572
Article number 0080.0857


63 Hz

125 Hz

250 Hz

500 Hz

1 kHz

2 kHz

4 kHz

8 kHz


LWA7, high (dB(A))


LWA7= housing and free inlet sound power level in dB.


EVN 22 R - Accessories

General accessories

Product typeNameArt. No.Price*(EUR)Action
Step switch, reversing switchFS 60016.0106 on request
  • On the notes
Reversing switchFS 70016.0107 on request
  • On the notes
Radio switchXS 1Discontinued product0157.0344 on request
  • On the notes
Radio receiverXE 10157.0343 on request
  • On the notes
5-step transformerTRE 0,4-20157.0156 on request
  • On the notes

Product description


EVN 22 R

short description

Axial window fan for air extraction with electric shutter

Product description


  • For installation in windows or thin walls.
  • Quiet impeller.
    • EVN 15: Synthetic impeller.
    • EVN 22: Aluminium impeller.
  • Maintenance-free fan.


  • Thermal overload protection as standard feature. Switches motor off under thermal overload and comes on automatically again after cooling down.
  • Robust motor with self-lubricating sintered bearings, maintenance-free.
  • Suitable for continuous operation.

Mounting instructions

  • Pane thickness: 3 mm to 30 mm.
  • Screws included in the scope of delivery.
  • Also suited for thicker panes or walls. Appropriate mounting material must be provided by the customer.
  • Not suited for installation in double-glazed windows that can be swung open.

Electrical connection

  • To terminal block in the housing.

Safety instructions

  • Inside and outside protection against accidental contact in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13857.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

EVN 22 R - Wiring diagram

EVN 22 R
  1. Electrical shutter (outside)

S1 - On / Off

S2 - Switching between air extraction or ventilation

B - Ventilation (terminal 4)

E - Air extraction (terminal 5)

EVN 22 R with STW controller, FS 6, FS 7
  1. Electronic shutter (external)

FS 6 - Step switch for (2-speed, air extraction or ventilation)

FS 7 - Reversing switch (air extraction or ventilation)

B - Ventilation (terminal 4)

E - Air extraction (terminal 5)

Predecessor - successor

EVN 22 R - Predecessor

Product typeNameArt. No.Action
Window fanEVR 22No longer available for delivery0080.0811
  • On the notes
Window fanEVR 26No longer available for delivery0080.0816
  • On the notes

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