Axial greenhouse fan

EZG 30/4 B

Article number: 0085.0150
Manufacturer: MAICO
Axial greenhouse fan, DN 300, alternating current
Application examples: Forced ventilation system, Hothouse, Greenhouse, Production facility
EZG 30/4 B IM0009988.PNG Axial greenhouse fan, DN 300, alternating current

Characteristic curve

Dimensioned drawing

EZG 30/4 B - Dimensioned drawing [mm]

A: 182 mm
B: 380 mm
C: 313 mm
D: 222 mm
E: 356 mm

Technical data

EZG 30/4 B - Technical data

Article EZG 30/4 B
Air flow volume 1.600 m³/h
Rotating speed 1.425 1/min
Impeller type axial
Air direction Circulating air
Speed controllable
Reversing capacity
Type of voltage Alternating current
Rated voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Nominal output 90 W
Inom 0,4 A
Imax 0,5 A
Degree of protection IP 55
Insulation class B
Mains cable 3 / 1,5 mm²
Installation position horizontal
Material Sheet steel, galvanised
Weight 9,1 kg
Nominal size 300 mm
Width 356 mm
Height 356 mm
Depth 308 mm
Airstream temperature at IMax -20 °C up to 60 °C
Packing unit 1 piece
Range C
EAN 4012799851509
Article number 0085.0150


63 Hz

125 Hz

250 Hz

500 Hz

1 kHz

2 kHz

4 kHz

8 kHz


LWA1, high (dB(A))


LWA1= total sound power level for the greenhouse fans, free inlet and free outlet.

Product description


EZG 30/4 B

short description

Axial greenhouse fan, DN 300, alternating current

Product description

Air circulation

  • Moving air improves the growth of plants. It is extremely important for their health and a balanced culture area.
  • It reduces air humidity in the culture area.
  • This prevents fungal attacks and rotting as well as damage to the flowers and the flowers falling off.
  • Air circulation widely reduces damage caused by botrytis or grey scale and enhances the stem quality of cut flowers.
  • A uniform temperature distribution simultaneously reduces costs for personnel, heating and pesticides.


  • Duct sleeve made of galvanised sheet-steel, with synthetic resin varnish.
  • Mounting lugs for suspension from the roof construction.
  • With protective grilles on both sides, protection against accidental contact in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13857.
  • 8-blade plastic impeller.

Air flow direction

  • Airstream and rotational direction are marked by arrows on the duct sleeve.


  • Asynchronous motor.
  • Reversible.
  • Thermal overload protection as standard feature.

Electrical connection

  • Ready for connecting with a 2 m flexible connecting duct with plug.

Special versions

  • The following special versions are available at extra cost on request:
    • Special voltages and frequencies.
    • Single-phase motors with thermal contacts or PTC thermistor, with potential-free terminal connections.
    • Fans with enhanced anti-corrosion protection.
  • Information on operation at temperatures occasionally below -20°C available upon request.
  • If operating with frequency converters, the factory must be consulted.
  • Feasibility must be checked in each case.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

EZG 30/4 B - Wiring diagram

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