Channel fan

DPK 35/6 A

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Article number: 0086.0638
Manufacturer: MAICO
Centrifugal channel fans

Characteristic curve

Dimensioned drawing

DPK 35/6 A - Dimensioned drawing [mm]

A: 700 mm
B: 400 mm
C: 720 mm
D: 420 mm
E: 740 mm
F: 440 mm
G: 780 mm
H: 472 mm

Technical data

DPK 35/6 A - Technical data

Article DPK 35/6 A
Rotating speed 930 1/min
Rated voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption 1.600 W
Imax 3,5 A
Degree of protection IP 55
Weight 62
Packing unit 1 piece
Article number 0086.0638


63 Hz

125 Hz

250 Hz

500 Hz

1 kHz

2 kHz

4 kHz

8 kHz


LWA5, medium (dB(A))


LWA6, medium (dB(A))


LWA5= free inlet sound power level in dB.

LWA6= free outlet sound power level in dB.

DPK 35/6 A -

Product description


DPK 35/6 A

short description

Centrifugal channel fans

Product description


  • Channel centrifugal fans for direct installation in rectangular ventilation channels, without deflections and without the use of additional transition pieces.
  • Intake channel designed with good aerodynamics. The air flows in and out in the same direction
  • High pressure and large air volume.
  • Fans with IP 55 degree of protection. Degree of protection tested in accordance with DIN VDE 0530, part 5
  • Insulation to protect against moisture and tropical conditions.
  • Motors with ball bearings. Maintenance-free. Plastic powder-coated.
  • Explosion proof models with external rotor motors with IP 44 degree of protection.
  • High-performance impeller with blades folded forwards. Aerodynamic design, optimum efficiency, quiet, statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Galvanised housing, compact, space-saving design, external terminal box.
  • Flange profiles fitted on the inlet and outlet sides.
  • Motor protection from in-built thermal contacts, provided in the terminal box. The thermal contacts must be connected according to the wiring diagrams otherwise warranty claims will be rejected.
  • If using the TRE or TRV 5-step transformers or the MVE 10 or MV 25 motor protection switches, additional standard motor protection switches are not needed!
  • Suited to channel installation in any position.

Three-phase AC motor

  • DPK model series
  • Three-phase AC 400 V, 50 Hz.
  • When operating without a speed control device and without a motor protection switch, the thermal contacts should be inserted in a contactor's control circuit.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

DPK 35/6 A - Wiring diagram

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