Fire protection insulation

BI 125

Article number: 0092.0396
Manufacturer: MAICO
Fire protection insulation, 3 items, DN 125
BI 125 IM0009926.PNG Fire protection insulation, 3 items, DN 125

Characteristic curve

Dimensioned drawing

Technical data

BI 125 - Technical data

Article BI 125
Type of installation Recessed-mounted
Material Rock wool
Weight 2,013 kg
Fire protection yes
Suitable for nominal size 125 mm
Length 1 m
Width 1.000 mm
Height 220 mm
Depth 220 mm
Duct shell thickness 40 mm
Packing unit 3 / 1 m piece
Range B
GTIN (EAN) 4012799923961
Article number 0092.0396

Accessories of

BI 125 - Accessories of

is a special accessory of

Product type Name Art. No. Price*(EUR) Action
Fire protection compensation element BA 125-0 0093.1020 on request
  • On the notes
Fire protection compensation element BA 125/80-1 0093.1001 on request
  • On the notes
Fire protection compensation element BA 125/80-2 0093.1005 on request
  • On the notes
Fire protection compensation element BA 125/100-1 0093.1008 on request
  • On the notes
BA 125/100-2 No longer available for delivery 0093.1010 on request
  • On the notes

Product description


BI 125

short description

Fire protection insulation, 3 items, DN 125

Product description

  • Must be combined with the aeroduct fire protection system.
  • With tubular sound absorbers made from rock wool, covered with non-tearing aluminium foil.
  • Non-combustible in accordance with DIN 4102 class A2 (building material classification).
  • No cancer causing agents, in accordance with EU directive 97/69/EC and Dangerous Materials Ordinance Appendix V, No. 7.1(1).
  • Safe processing through high biological capabilities.
  • Water-repellent, water absorption < 10 % volume.
  • Only complete packing units will be delivered.
  • Accessory needed for BA fire protection compensation element.

Installation instructions

  • The lowest metre of the main supply cables in each floor must be coated with fire-proof insulation. This will prevent the heating and sanitary ducts from igniting in the case of a fire. A separating bridge is not necessary.
  • Pay attention to the building regulations when feeding heating and sanitary ducts through the ceiling.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

BI 125 - Wiring diagram

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