Water air heater

WHP 35-43

Article number: 0082.0115
Manufacturer: MAICO
Water-air heater for 700 mm x 400 mm ventilation channels
WHP 35-43 IM0009861.PNG Water-air heater for 700 mm x 400 mm ventilation channels

Characteristic curve

WHP 35-43 - Characteristic curve Pressure losses

  1. WHP 22-18
  2. WHP 25-22
  3. WHP 28-29
  4. WHP 31-34
  5. WHP 35-43
  6. WHP 50-55
  7. WHP 56-69

WHP 35-43 - Characteristic curve

Dimensioned drawing

WHP 35-43 - Dimensioned drawing [mm]

  1. Whitworth thread: 1/2" for WHP 22-18 and WHP 25-22; 3/4" for WHP 28-29, WHP 31-34 and WHP 35-43; 1" for WHP 50-55 and WHP 56-69
A: 700 mm
B: 400 mm
C: 720 mm
D: 420 mm
E: 418 mm
F: 22 mm
G: 20 mm
H: 845 mm
I: 25 mm
K: 35 mm
L: 110 mm

Technical data

WHP 35-43 - Technical data

Article WHP 35-43
Max. flow velocity 3,5 m/s
Installation site Channel
Installation position vertical / horizontal
Housing material Sheet steel, galvanised
Weight 7,8 kg
Channel dimension 700 mm x 400 mm
Width 845 mm
Height 470 mm
Depth 110 mm
Air heater type Water
Heater power rating 43.000 W
Mass flow 1.872 kg/h
Inlet temperature 70 °C
Return flow temperature 50 °C
Max. water temperature 100 °C
Max. water pressure 8 bar
Water pressure difference 11.000 Pa
Packing unit 1 piece
Range D
GTIN (EAN) 4012799821151
Article number 0082.0115

Accessories of

WHP 35-43 - Accessories of

is a general accessory of

Product type Name Art. No. Price*(EUR) Action
Channel fan DPK 700 x 400 channel fans - - -
Channel fan DPK 35 EC 0086.0806 on request
  • On the notes
Sound-insulated channel fan DSK 35 EC 0086.0807 on request
  • On the notes
Sound-insulated channel fan DSK 35/4 No longer available for delivery 0086.0646 on request
  • On the notes

Product description


WHP 35-43

short description

Water-air heater for 700 mm x 400 mm ventilation channels

Product description

  • Water air heater for ventilation systems.
  • Water connection made of copper tubes with external threads.
  • Mounting instructions: Install behind the fan at distances of at least 1 metre, to achieve equal flows.
  • With air extraction and emptying. Take accessibility into account when installing.
  • Frost protection must be supplied by the customer.
  • With floating offset collecting pipes, to compensate for heat expansion.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

WHP 35-43 - Wiring diagram

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