Combi-wall connections

KWH 12 L

Article number: 0152.0059
Manufacturer: MAICO
Combi-wall connections, DN 125, outside air left-handed
Application examples: Single-family house, Multiple family unit, New build, Redevelopment
KWH 12 L IM0012963.PNG Combi-wall connections, DN 125, outside air left-handed

Characteristic curve

Dimensioned drawing

KWH 12 L - Dimensioned drawing [mm]

  1. Outgoing air
  2. Outside air
  3. Inclined connections

Technical data

KWH 12 L - Technical data

Article KWH 12 L
Model Connections on the left
Air direction Ventilation and air extraction
Installation site Outside wall
Material Stainless steel (V2A)
Weight 1,5 kg
Nominal size 125 mm
Width 355 mm
Height 204 mm
Depth 88 mm
Packing unit 1 piece
Range K
GTIN (EAN) 4012799520597
Article number 0152.0059

Accessories of

KWH 12 L - Accessories of

is a general accessory of

Product type Name Art. No. Price*(EUR) Action
Aeronom room air system WS 170 - - -
Centralised ventilation unit WS 160 Flat - - -
Centralised ventilation unit WS 170 / WS 170 ET - - -
WS ventilation unit WS 300 Flat - - -
Centralised ventilation unit WS 150 R Discontinued product 0095.0057 on request
  • On the notes
Centralised ventilation unit WS 150 L Discontinued product 0095.0058 on request
  • On the notes
Centralised ventilation unit WRG 180 EC No longer available for delivery 0082.0059 on request
  • On the notes

Product description


KWH 12 L

short description

Combi-wall connections, DN 125, outside air left-handed

Product description

  • The design combi-wall-connection contains outside air and outgoing air sockets in one housing.
  • The combi-wall-connection is available as a left-hand or right-hand version.
  • This facilitates the laying of ducts in the building between ventilation unit and combi-wall-connection, without crossover.
  • Particularly suitable for single family-unit and terraced houses.
  • Outside air is sucked in below and the outgoing air is expelled forwards. This minimises the mixing of the two air flows.
  • The outgoing air duct connection is inclined a long way to the outside. This disperses the resulting outgoing air condensation.
  • Simple installation - consists of two main components:
    • Protective cover
    • Facade part
  • The facade fixing points are concealed by the protective cover.
  • In locations exposed to the wind or from the second floor upwards, additional measures must be taken to avoid ingression of water through wind pressure or e.g. driving rain at the outgoing air socket.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

KWH 12 L - Wiring diagram

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