Shutter drive with air damper

MS 100

Discontinued product
Article number: 0157.1231
Manufacturer: MAICO
Shutter drive with air shutter for folded spiral-seams ducts, DN 100
MS 100 IM0013292.PNG Shutter drive with air shutter for folded spiral-seams ducts, DN 100

Characteristic curve

MS 100 - Characteristic curve

Dimensioned drawing

Technical data

MS 100 - Technical data

Article MS 100
Airtight according to 1751 3
Type of voltage Alternating current
Rated voltage 230 V
Installation position any
Weight 0,3 kg
Nominal size 100 mm
Suitable for nominal size 100 mm
Width 190 mm
Height 110 mm
Depth 45 mm
Ambient temperature -30 °C up to 50 °C
Packing unit 1 piece
Range C
EAN 4012799572312
Article number 0157.1231

Accessories / Accessories of

MS 100 - Accessories / Accessories of

Specific accessories

Product type Name Art. No. Price*(EUR) Action
Duct piece for servomotor MSR 100 Discontinued product 0092.0510 on request
  • On the notes

is a general accessory of

Product type Name Art. No. Price*(EUR) Action
Centrifugal roof fan GRD centrifugal roof fan - - -
Diagonal fan ERK 100 Discontinued product 0080.0173 on request
  • On the notes
Diagonal fan ERK 100 T Discontinued product 0080.0174 on request
  • On the notes
Diagonal fan ERK 100 S Discontinued product 0080.0175 on request
  • On the notes
Diagonal fan ERK 100 ST Discontinued product 0080.0176 on request
  • On the notes

Product description


MS 100

short description

Shutter drive with air shutter for folded spiral-seams ducts, DN 100

Product description

  • Servomotor with air shutter for controlling or shutting off air flows.
  • The shutter drive and air shutter form one unit.
  • It can be fitted with the aid of the MSR duct piece or in a folded spiral-seams duct provided by the customer.
  • It is installed in the folded spiral-seams duct using the accessories provided.
  • The air shutters of the MS 100/125/150/160 products have open and closed positions.
  • The air shutters of the MS 100 S/125 S/150 S/160 S products operate continuously and can assume any position between open and closed.
  • Final position can be adjusted.

Installation instruction

  • The shutter drives with air shutters can be installed with the corresponding MSR duct pieces. These already feature holes for mounting the shutter drive.
  • Service opening is needed.
  • If using a folded spiral-seams duct obtained by the customer to install the shutter drive, the following must be noted:
    • only use a totally round duct
    • the duct must be smooth on the inside and have no folds.
  • Ensure the correct air direction: air flowing from drive to shutter.

Safety instructions

  • Do not use in fire protection area.
  • Only for applications with clean air.
  • Do not use aggressive or abrasive substances.
  • Not suitable for use in areas subject to explosion hazards.

Table of contents

Wiring diagram

MS 100 - Wiring diagram

MS 100 / 125 / 150 / 160 - open / closed shutter position

MS 100 / 125 / 150 / 160 - shutter position with intermediate settings

Predecessor - successor

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