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Ventilation units and systems for aeration and ventilation in schools


Aeration/ventilation of school building

Learning, working, delivering results – pupils and teachers are challenged in equal measure at schools

Fresh air is key to well-being. In rooms full of large numbers of people where aeration is sporadic, e.g. by opening windows during breaks, oxygen very quickly turns into CO2. The consequences of increased levels of CO2 in room air are a diminishing ability to concentrate, tiredness and headaches.

Keeping super fit day after day and maintaining concentration levels requires fresh and healthy air in all rooms. Classrooms, staff rooms, kitchen or toilet – effective ventilation produces optimum conditions for learning and teaching!


Fresh air in the classroom

To give pupils and teachers the optimum conditions in which to work, classrooms should be continuously aerated and ventilated. The usual form of ventilation using windows usually doesn't provide a classroom with sufficient fresh air. Added to this, noise from the street, exhaust fumes, pollen and draughts may enter the room through open windows.

MAICO's KFD flat boxes are the optimum ventilation solution for classrooms. They quickly and easily provide the best room air quality!

The KFD provides the following benefits:

  • Completely installed units for quick and easy final assembly
  • Available with heat register as an option for pleasant temperature control
  • Quiet operation thanks to double-wall, sound-insulated housing
  • Can be operated in the room itself, e.g. in suspended ceilings
  • Units are available as supply air and exhaust air boxes
  • Automatic filter replacement display
  • Simple filter exchange without using tools
  • Perfectly matched components and fans for supply air and exhaust air
  • A combined control unit for supply and exhaust air

Staff room

Breathe easy in the staff room – 
aeration and ventilation for greater concentration with no disturbing noise

To allow staff to work with concentration and breathe easy during their breaks, the staff room requires continuous ventilation, providing a supply of fresh and healthy air and reliably transporting used air outdoors.
The ESR sound-insulated ventilation box from MAICO is ideal for aerating and ventilating the staff room.

  • The ESR boxes are quiet because they have great sound insulation. No disturbing noises are produced during operation.
  • The boxes can be installed directly in suspended ceilings and, depending on the installation position, used for both supply and exhaust air.
  • As it is easy to access, the ESR ventilation box is quick and easy to clean.

School kitchen

Frying, baking, boiling – ventilation in the school kitchen

Vapours, odours and moisture are produced in school kitchens where cooking takes place in several areas at the same time. Grease and oil residue mix with the room air. This calls for a robust fan, which can quickly and reliably transport the used air outdoors and produce a pleasant room climate.

MAICO provides the sound-insulated EKR-2 exhaust air box and DPK channel fan range for effective aeration and ventilation in school kitchens.

Benefits of the EKR-2 exhaust air box at a glance:

  • Not sensitive to hot, greasy and contaminated substances in the air
  • Quiet thanks to outstanding sound insulation
  • Low energy costs thanks to energy-efficient operation

The DPK channel fan is recommended for the supply of fresh air needed in school kitchens:

  • The channel fan with compact dimensions can be fitted directly in rectangular ventilation channels.
  • The robust, durable motor makes maintenance a thing of the past.
  • Fan is easy to access for simple cleaning.

School toilets

Pleasantly fresh environment in the school toilets

The ERR centrifugal duct fans are suited to ventilating school toilets. Fitted directly in the ventilation ducts, the ERR fans reliably ensure that odours and moisture are extracted as quickly as possible. Despite the toilets being used by large numbers of people, this produces a pleasant room climate.

  • The powerful ERR duct fans can be used in any situation. The units are both compact and flexible, a bonus especially in redevelopment work and when other units are already in place.
  • The robust motor of the ERR units promises a long service life – and requires no maintenance!

Ventilation solution with heat recovery

Ventilation system with heat recovery? The ideal solution for classrooms and staff rooms!

A ventilation system with heat recovery function pays for itself twice over: you reduce your consumption of valuable resources and save on your energy costs!

MAICO's subsidiary AEREX provides a suitable unit for this scenario. The Reco-Boxx 1000 Flat heat recovery unit ensures that classrooms and staff rooms are continuously aerated and ventilated. More than 90 % of the heat already available is used. The heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the fresh supply air, so no energy is wasted. DC fans also ensure energy-efficient and therefore economical operation!

The Reco-Boxx 1000 Flat is fitted with G4 and F7 filters as standard, ensuring that pollen doesn't enter the room air. So allergy sufferers can breathe easy!

The Reco-Boxx 1000 Flat has a low total height of just 360 mm. This is particularly advantageous when space is tight, as is often the case during a redevelopment project. The unit can simply be mounted in suspended ceilings and is supplied ready for connection, along with a regulation unit.

Würzburg-Randersacker reference project

Bauherr/Eigentümer: Marktgemeinde Randersacker

Hygienically healthy air for classrooms

Redevelopment project/research project in Würzburg-Randersacker


Key data


Scope of research project:

  • Installation of new windows in some areas
  • Elimination of mould
  • Internal insulation on major thermal bridges

Ventilation technology:

  • Installation of local ventilation system


  • 4 classrooms: 288 m2

Number of pupils:

  • 4 classes: 80

Fresh air requirement

  • per pupil: 20 m3/h
  • in total: 1,600 m3/h

Würzburg project description

A research project undertaken with ZAE Bayern (University of Würzburg) in collaboration with the medical school and other technical partners involved installing ventilation systems in 4 classrooms.
When the building was constructed in 1961, no attention was paid to the issue of thermal bridges. The school building was fitted with heat-insulating aluminium windows. Large amounts of mould have therefore formed in all 4 classrooms due to a lack of ventilation.
Pupils also experienced tiredness and poor concentration as a result.



Over a period of 2 years, the project aimed to investigate how installing a ventilation system impacts on the air quality in the classrooms and the well-being of the pupils.
More specifically, the following points were defined:

  • Calculation of potential energy savings
  • Reduction in energy consumption for heating
  • Improvement in air quality
  • Reduction in concentration of bacteria
  • Prevention of mould formation



Following installation of the ventilation system and a two-year investigation, the following positive conclusion could be made:

  • Improvement in room air quality
  • No more mould
  • No draughts
  • No disturbing noises
  • Potential energy saving of 30 %

Psychological examinations found:

  • Improved well-being (e.g. better moods, more active, more relaxed)
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduction in negative mental state

Positive result from installing ventilation

Schimmelbefall vor der Sanierung

Using sound-insulated window valves fitted with filters, fresh air permanently enters the classrooms. The used air is continuously extracted via valves in the exhaust air duct. The exhaust air ducts are installed on the ceiling of the side of the room opposite the windows. The box fans and sound absorbers are positioned in the corridor in front of the classrooms and/or in an adjacent room. This prevents potential noise issues. From there, the used air is conveyed outside via ventilation ducts.


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