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The right solution for every area of life

MAICO is a family-run business based in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, that has high quality and service standards. For over 85 years, our experience and fan technology has allowed us to provide individuals and commercial customers with good air. The "MAICO family" comprises more than 200 members of staff, some of whom have been with us for many years, but all of whom give their all every day. This produces innovative technology, outstanding designs and most importantly: a good room climate around the clock. This is the standard we set ourselves and by which we gauge ourselves!

We offer more than 1,600 ventilation products so you are sure to find the right solution for every area of life at MAICO. Looking for a small room fan for your bathroom? Are you thinking about heat recovery at home? It's not just for our large ventilation systems for workplaces and industrial special systems that we continually develop new aeration and ventilation strategies but specifically for individuals too.

Good air with efficiency and sustainability

Most people spend the majority of their day in buildings – both at work and at home. If there are several people in a room, good air is soon in short supply. A supply of fresh air is particularly relevant in view of what is currently happening in terms of building insulation. Because good air translates into quality of life, functional and needs-based ventilation is crucial. The technology team at MAICO makes sure that neither the planet nor your wallet suffer as a result: Our development department is permanently working on making fans quieter, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly.

You will find more information about controlled domestic ventilation here.



MAICO products are available from installers & complete providers

Living in a pleasant, healthy atmosphere is a basic human requirement. MAICO offers you and your family modern technology for good air – be it a complete ventilation system for a single- or multiple-family home or powerful stand-alone fans for separate rooms (e.g. for the bathroom or WC). Not only do our aeration and ventilation solutions deliver good air as standard, they also offer good efficiency, comfort and design: Depending on model and application, the units may, for example, read the room moisture and automatically switch on or off as and when ventilation is needed.

Our products can also be programmed to suit your needs or have various modes such as holiday mode for optimum aeration and ventilation even when you're not at home. Development work at MAICO always ensures that our ventilation solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any room ambience. This is another reason why many of our fans have already won renowned design prizes such as the "iF design award". Thanks to the huge variety of MAICO products that you can buy from your certified installer and other places, we offer a complete range and you are sure to find the right solution for every situation. Through our extensive range of accessories (e.g. filters), we also guarantee that our products are ideally equipped for your requirements at all times (and for the future too).

Ventilation systems, fans and accessories for your requirements

Ventilation systems and fans




We are thinking about now and the future.

For over 90 years, MAICO has been synonymous with quality and environmentally-aware ventilation which is kind on the planet and your wallet. Since being founded, ecology, cost-effectiveness and efficiency have been the mainstays of our everyday thoughts and actions. We initiated "Blue Performance" because we think it's the right thing to do and because we want to address the growing environmental awareness of our customers. Blue Performance covers all the ideas, processes, technologies and innovations we use to develop and produce particularly environmentally-friendly ventilation products. It is the basis for ultra-modern, innovative and advanced ventilation technology from MAICO. What makes it so special? "Blue Performance" technology is designed for particularly economical operation, yet still delivers full performance. Its three central characteristics are:

  • low energy consumption
  • a high heat recovery level
  • good adaptation to needs

**Alongside efficient technology, the main benefit for our customers is targeted adaptation to needs because this ensures good air at all times without unnecessary ventilation and energy use. Thanks to the value-focused environmental awareness practised by MAICO, the family-run business ensures that new units meet future standards – for example, the EU Directive ErP. One example of Blue Performance is the central ventilation systems with heat recovery. This not only relieves the strain on the environment by reducing energy consumption, but also on your wallet through lower costs.

More information about the modern ventilation units with heat recovery can be foundhere.



Ventilation from professionals.

The MAICO range comprises in excess of 1,600 products. The MAICO finder (see search field on left-hand side of screen) helps you find the one you need. The product finder allows you to quickly navigate through all MAICO's products. Simply click for useful information in a clear and practical form.

Filter changes protect against mould

Only regular filter changes ensure that ventilation systems can run cleanly and thereby provide effective protection from mould/humidity.

If you already own MAICO products, please remember to change the filter on a regular basis.

Go to the replacement air filter!




Simple and smart: control ventilation with a smartphone or tablet

MAICO makes your life easier. We are constantly developing new technologies, which individually adapt to your life – such as the air@home app system from the MAICO in-house digital department: the intelligent system provides a totally relaxed way of controlling your ventilation system. Use the free iOS or Android app to control your MAICO system from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are – at home on the sofa, on holiday on the beach or from your hotel during a business trip. You can access the room humidity and temperature and flexibly regulate your system if required from your mobile device.

air@home is suited to the following MAICO units:

Safe and uncomplicated: registration for the air@home web tool

The controlled domestic ventilation units can be registered in the web tool before they are installed. For general safety, the units created are initially blocked for access via the app/web tool – therefore, the owners first have to contact MAICO to have their systems enabled. Once enabled, the owners are informed of the units assigned to them.

Advantages for end-users 

  • Smart handling of the ventilation system by smartphone.
  • Safety in relation to correct ventilation (green line = ventilation is in the right range).
  • Ensuring an optimum room climate, even when no-one is at home.
  • Documentation as proof of correct ventilation.
  • iOs or Android app usage with unlimited end-devices.


Only one owner can be registered with MAICO for each ventilation unit. Once a ventilation unit is assigned to an owner, the owner is responsible for user management; i.e.: if a user is not actively created, he or she cannot access the controlled domestic ventilation unit via the app or web tool.

Here you can download the free app and try it for yourself:


Thanks to continuous ventilation, the fabric of the building is ideally and effectively protected against mould and the expensive renovation work that it can lead to. The ideal room air also minimises the risk of adverse effects on health, such as asthma, allergies, headaches and much more.

Comfort domestic ventilation from MAICO


If you talk about home as being a feel-good oasis of wellness, most people think of beautiful furniture, modern interior design and lots of living space. The most important element is often forgotten: healthy room air, free from pollutants, unpleasant smells and harmful humidity!

The new generation of MAICO ventilation units with heat recovery, the WS 170, WS 320 and WS 470 ensures good room air without the need for window ventilation, and a lot more besides: For example, uniquely high energy efficiency, flexibility and easy operation through the free-of-charge app/web tool, air@home.

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